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博士的留言. Kindred Murillo,立博在线体育主管/校长

Congratulations on the choice you made to  explore employment opportunities at Santa 芭芭拉城市学院. 作为全国顶尖的社区学院之一 we seek exceptional individuals who will contribute to the College’s vision and mission. With our commitment to the success of every student 立博在线体育 has created a unique academic culture, which has been recognized with numerous accolades 和奖励.  

We are committed to academic excellence, diversity, equity, antiracism, inclusion, 以及我们的教职员工和学生之间的无障碍. 作为一个社区,我们相信 这种多样性有多种形式. 我们知道个体是多维的, 由各种生活经历和因素的交集而形成. 我们认识到 and challenge the inequities that stem from the complex world in which we live and 拥抱构成我们美好大学的人们的许多方面. 作为一个领导者 among community colleges we take pride in our ability to solve problems for the benefit 我们的学生和社会.

我们寻求大学员工谁将承担公平的结果和责任 为我们的学生提供成功的途径. 并且,作为回报,我们尽一切努力使 这是个工作的好地方. 如果这对你有吸引力,并且你已经准备好做出承诺 我们邀请您加入我们的社区,接受我们的承诺和价值观.


To be considered for vacant positions, please complete an online application that  包括所有必需的申请文件.
  • When browsing through 立博在线体育's career opportunities some of the titles may seem unfamiliar. 如果是这样的话,你可能会发现工作职责和资格是匹配的 你的经验和技能.

    仔细阅读招聘启事. 问:

    • 主要职责是什么?
    • 我对这份工作感兴趣吗?
    • 我能胜任这份工作吗?
    • 什么样的工作经历使我适合这份工作?
    • 这份工作在我想去的地方吗?
    • 我是否符合最低要求?


  • To be considered for this position, a complete online application including all required 申请文件必须通过以下方式提交 http://www.schooljobs.com/careers/sbcc 截止申请日期前. 线上地区申请是很重要的 form be complete and specific to fully indicate the education, experience and other 申请人资格. “见简历”是不可接受的.



    • Each job posting has statement of qualifications we are seeking, both required and 首选. 如果有必要的资格证明,我们将不考虑你的申请 如果你没有资格. 一般的资格证书是学术学位 或文凭(B).Ph值,.D.(高中毕业)或同等工作经验 达到所需的程度. 确保在你的简历、申请和/或求职信中说明 提供你如何达到这些最低要求的细节.
    • 有些职位要求有一定年限的相关工作经验. 一般来说, this refers to paid work experience in a position using similar knowledge, skills, 在职能或学科上具备与职位相似的能力.


    • Each job posting will either have a Closing  Date or the statement  "Open Until Filled"
    • For a position with a Closing Date, the job will not be available in the system at 日期之后的午夜.g. 如果截止日期是10月30日,就会是 于十月三十一日午夜十二时拆除). 如果招聘启事上写着“招聘至满”,那这份工作 是否会一直开放,直到该职位需要被填补. 我们不能接受 在职位发布截止日期之后的申请.
    • To give yourself time to complete the applications, provide requested document and 在最后日期之前申请是一个好主意.
    • 有关如何申请的更多细节,请点击此链接 http://www.schooljobs.com/careers/sbcc/helpandsupport/applicationguide
  • 立博在线体育使用选拔委员会来填补空缺职位. 这是为了确保 recruitment process is equitable and includes diverse perspectives from the 立博在线体育 community. The selection 委员会 works together to screen interviews and recommend candidates 致招聘经理.

    在截止日期之后,申请将被筛选为最低资格 . Those candidates that meet 最低资格 will be reviewed by the  selection 委员会. 一旦确定哪些候选人将进入预选阶段 interviews an HR representative will call the candidate to schedule and interview. It is highly important your contact 信息 is current in the application system.


    • You will speak with an HR representative who will arrange an interview time and place. 
    • 你应该会收到一封确认预约的电子邮件. 邮件中会包含时间 面试的确认和地点. 如果亲自面试,需要地图和停车位 将包括说明。.
    • Typically you will  meet with all the members of the Selection Committee as a group. 他们会问一系列事先准备好的问题,可能还有后续问题. 在那里 这也是你提问的机会吗.
    • We ask that you stay in touch with the HR representative, and not speak directly with 面试程序之外的其他遴选委员会成员. 遴选委员会成员 are expected to keep 信息 about their process and about candidates strictly 保密.
    • 入围者可能会被要求参加额外的面试,特别是与 如果他/她不是招聘委员会的成员,那么他/她就会被解雇.

    After the initial interviews have been conducted, the 委员会 will recommend the 最好的候选人到招聘经理那里进行最后的面试. 成功的候选人 name will then be presented to the Board of Trustees for final approval and authorization 雇佣.

    Applicants who will not be considered further are notified by email when the reviews 完成. 他们还可以在他们的在线用户上查看他们的应用程序和状态 账户.即使是拥有证书的候选人,也不能保证一定能得到面试机会 最低资格.


    • 候选人不符合招聘启事中规定的最低要求
    • 应聘者的回答表明他/她不理解这个职位
    • Candidate’s experience is in areas or disciplines other than the one(s) the College 正在寻求
    • Candidate’s materials are not well written or organized, or some requested 信息 不见了.

    如果您没有被选中,我们希望您继续关注立博在线体育的职位空缺 与你的经验和资格相符的.  没有面试的保证, 即使是具备最低资格的候选人.

    The duration of our screening, interviewing and hiring process depends on many factors 例如委员会的可用性、申请人的数量和董事会会议.

    Currently candidates will participate primarily in remote interviews and in some instances 最后的面谈可以亲自进行,同时要注意所有的健康和安全 圣巴巴拉县卫生局批准的协议.

  • 应用程序向导


    • Assistance with the online application process will be available on campus at the 人力资源 office, Mondays through Thursdays, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, and Fridays 上午8点至下午12点30分,或致电(805)965-0581,分机2258.
    • Public access computers are available on campus at the 图书馆 during normal business 小时.
    • Public access computers are also available at the public 图书馆 还有一些咖啡店.
    • 如因残疾需要特殊服务或设施,请按顺序办理 to apply or interview for a position with 立博在线体育, please contact 人力资源办公室,电话:(805)965-0581,分机2258.


    • 立博在线体育 regrets that applicants cannot be reimbursed for expenses 与申请或面试相关的费用,包括差旅费.
    • 远程面试的要求将被考虑.


    • Evidence of freedom from active tuberculosis; satisfactory fingerprint reports.
    • The Immigration Reform and Control Act requires that the District obtain documentation from every individual who is employed which verifies identity and authorizes his/her 在美国工作的权利.
    • Verification of college coursework or degrees earned may be required for certain positions.

    If you have questions, please contact the 人力资源 department at 805-965-0581, 2258分机.

  • Assistance with the online application process is available through 人力资源 电话:(805)965-0581,分机2258.
  • Public access computers are available on campus at: the 图书馆, Monday through Friday, 上午7:30至下午4:00
  • Public access computers are also available at public libraries, Fed Ex Kinko’s Stores, 还有一些咖啡店.

立博在线体育 is an equal opportunity employer committed to nondiscrimination on the basis of national origin, religion, age, gender, gender identity, gender expression, race, ethnicity, color, medical condition, genetic 信息, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status, physical or mental disability, pregnancy, military and veteran status, or because he/she is perceived to have one or more of the foregoing characteristics, or based on association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or 感知特征,符合适用的联邦和州法律.  合理的 残疾申请人如自行披露,将获提供住宿.

If you are selected for an interview and need special services or facilities to participate 在面试中,请联系 人力资源, 805-965-0581转2258. 学校将为申请人提供合理的住宿 有自我表露能力的残疾人.